"Without development, leaders languish."
                           - Norma Delp
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Signal Tree Resolutions has helped organizations transform, enhance and enable leaders to realize accelerated growth potential for over fifteen years. Simply put, leadership development enables leaders to set direction, energize their workforce, and achieve and exceed individual and corporate performance goals. When appropriate skills are developed, leaders also inspire the development and performance improvement of others. Without appropriate leadership skills and development, organizational growth and change is undermined.


Delegation, risk taking, reformulating strategy, motivating others, and reorganizing for improved performance are not typically inherited characteristics of a leader. Signal Tree Resolutions assists experienced and inexperienced leaders in growing and developing these characteristics through a variety of assessment tools, including
360 degree feedback, and effective performance management systems. These tools accelerate the process of developing new leaders, and can improve the performance of established leaders. Signal Tree’s programs and processes are custom designed to improve decision-making, conflict resolution, performance management, teamwork, and to stimulate accountability.


What is the role of a professional coach? Simply put, the role of a professional coach is to help individuals achieve their goals or dreams. Those of us involved in sports may have benefited from technical, advisory, positive feedback, constructive criticism, and educational types of coaching. Those not involved in sports may have benefited from the advice of a teacher, religious professional, parent, friend, spouse and more.

Professional Career Coaching is “not” advice giving. It is a structured process that enables a person to achieve a large vision or solve a serious professional challenge. Properly trained coaches are armed with processes, exercises, and questions that elicit responses, behaviors, and action steps that individuals become able to activate in small steps. Everyone has difficulty deprogramming themselves from their current state of being and doing. A coach can help us to establish and work through a process for change.

What are indicators that you may benefit from a professional coach?
  • Big dream/vision – been talking about for two or more years.
  • Serious conflict on the job that is hindering performance.
  • Big dream/vision that another has for you, and you think you are not ready.
  • Planning for a major transition in your life.
  • Making a dramatic change in your life, after caught by surprise.
  • Know what you want but can’t seem to get there?
Hiring and Development

An effective leadership recruiting process analyzes the need for a new position, defines the key accountabilities, and matches individual qualifications. This investment in human capital is a critical step in organizational strategies. Signal Tree Resolutions assists with your critical investment by assuring that the hiring strategy, budget management of the recruiting process, and appropriate compensation successfully produce the intended results.