"Human discord thrives beneath the surface of our lives.
Disharmony hinders performance and growth-like an
unhealthy root system buried from sight affects the size
and stature of a tree."
                                                - Norma Delp
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The Signal Tree was chosen as our symbol due to its steady strength, grace and reliable guidance. The huge, three hundred-year-old Burr Oak "Signal Tree" located in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park north of Akron, Ohio is a charming legacy of the native people who once inhabited the hills of Eastern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania.

Native Americans and early settlers paddled canoes up the Cuyahoga River, from Lake Erie, roughly a
forty-mile journey, to the location where this uniquely shaped tri-trunk tree signaled them to land and
portage the few miles to the Tuscarawas River.

The Signal Tree stands 100 feet tall and has an average spread of 75 feet. It is nearly impossible to stand near this magnificent old being without feeling something profoundly inexpressible. The uses of signal trees were not exclusive to Native American cultures. There are signal trees around the world.